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dusting off my chuck taylors

Posted on 2008.03.31 at 21:56
Chris Carabba makes me emotionally vulnerable



Posted on 2008.03.29 at 13:48
Hey Kids!

Due to serious privacy concerns i had to cancel my facebook and my blog, but livejournal did not pop up in a background check!

I am mostly working a lot and doing homework more. I took on the Managing Editor position at the law school newspaper, which basically makes me a glorified accountant.

Kirch, i loved my bumper sticker.

I am going to try to come down and visit in early June so let me know when is a good time for me to visit, aka when you guys are not out of town.



Posted on 2007.11.01 at 14:12
Me: I hate November, it is the worst of all the months
Ally: Agreed.
Me: Nothing good happens in November. Outside of a sanctioned day to gorge myself, there is nothign of value in this month.
Ally: LOL

I am quite serious about this. November in law school means:

going home for break for a max of 4 days
Feeling like you have no time to do anything but study.

It is truly awful to feel bad about not being in the library.


back up plan

Posted on 2007.10.18 at 20:44
Current Music: something emo.
So this is what it feels like to be everybody's back up plan. I have gone from first on everybody's list of people to hang out with to last. Super.


Craziest night ever

Posted on 2007.10.11 at 13:43
I think i had the most awesomely frustrating night ever last night.

So I had plans last night to go see Yonder Mountain String Band. These initially started as very small plans. My brother and his friends were coming up and meeting me in the city….however, i found out later that what they meant was come over and stay at my house…ok whatever…annoying but livable.

So they get here yesterday…late…so we have no time to go get beer, we give my roomie some money and she agrees to go fetch it and it will be waiting when we get home that night. So here was my master plan:

Get to city
Call Jon and find out where he is.
Meet him there or get food downtown.
Train to venue or cab from where Elias is to show
Train to Train

Here is the actual course of events.

Boys get in to city and decide that they want to go to the baseball stadium….on the day of the game…seriously. I explain to them that a) it is going to be incredibly crowded and b) our under 21 person is going to seriously hinder our food and drink opportunities. They say whatever, still want to go, so we train it clear the hell up to the field….where there are lines, huge crowds, and no places that were possible to eat at in any real way. We manage to get some pizza and find out where Jon is…he decides there is no way is he coming to where we are…and justifiably so…so we catch a cab over to the venue…this is point when i find out just how financially unprepared the guys are for this trip…as they alloted no funds for transportation….in one of the largest cities in the country…..if this sound ridiculous to you that is because it is.

We get to the venue and the first half of the show is AMAZING! I mean this is one of the best sets i have heard in my life. We drink lots of booze, sweat so much we that our shirts are very likely ruined forever, and dance our freaking faces off. Lots of fun is had.

I tell the boys that we have to leave by midnight in order to catch our train home. So we get out of there at 12:15 instead…i am annoyed but the show was still going, even if it had lost its steam it sucks to leave a show early….we miss our train down to where we needed to be…catch another cab…which i pay for….i try to convince them that speed into station is of the essence or we WILL miss our train…they poke around getting out of the cab and as we run into the station our train pulls away….with a conductor waving at us in the back…PRICK.

This is the part where i get cranky…my brother and his buddies proceed to get pissy with me about the cost of everything and the fact that we missed the LAST train home. I am on the phone trying to get a hold of Elias, who was staying in the city with his former roommate to see if we could crash there and fix the situation. In the meantime the boys are bitching and moaning about how they want to go home and how there has to be a way…

There isn’t. I told them we had to catch that train or we were buggered. They didn’t listen…the obvious consequence happened.

I get a hold of Jon and his roommate generously agrees to house us for the night. This is the part where i get really cranky…his roomie didn’t have to do this, this was very very nice of him and the boys are whining and wanting to go home…so i fake an effort to get my roomie to pick us up and ultimately call her off because it would be 4:30 before we get home and we cab it over to Jon’s old home, much to the groaning of my brother and his pals.

This is the part where my night finally improves.

The roomie and Jon get the boys all settled in and i think one of them finally thanked the roomie for his incredible generosity and i manage to escape the boys for the first time all day. I sit and listen to the roomie play piano and am finally not grumpy, he is quite good, and chill for a little while before passing out.

We get up the next morning at 7 and have to take a cab back down to the train station to yet more groans about the price….and manage to get home at 10 this morning.

There are a few morals to this story.

1) More than 4 people in a large city going to one place is too many.
2) Never ever agree to house more than two people unless you are staying there for that night.
3) Despite the fact that it may appear to be well known knowledge, warn visiting parties if the region you live in is more expensive than theirs.
4) People not from cities are slower than people who are from and have lived in cities….and extra time should be added accordingly to any journey within the city in order to accommodate what may appear to be the simple task of getting to a place on time.

All bitching aside, the show was awesome, Jon’s roommate is drinking for free the next time i see him, and i had a generally good time….and will never have my brother and his friends over for a show again.



Posted on 2007.10.11 at 13:36
Sari is cranky today. This is for various reasons all of which will go unmentioned here but if asked in person will be rattled off like a crummy to do list.

If you are to encounter Sari today, there would be a few appropriate things to do:

1) Give her a hug. She likes hugs, particularly those given to her on days that suck.
2) Appease her every desire…this is not the day to ask Sari if you can get out of doing something you said you would do…as too much of this is causing some of Sari’s bad mood. Today is a good day to do what you say you will.
3) Agree with everything Sari says.
4) Avoid Sari entirely…this is probably the safest and easiest option. Not to mention it will be the easiest to do since Sari will be in local mini city wasting a whole lot of time.

Thanks for your compliance.



Posted on 2007.10.03 at 00:20
Current Music: UMPHREY'S!
Sari now has a transformer identity. This is fantastic.

Meagan = the best ever.

Posted on 2007.10.01 at 09:19
So i am bored and haven't really blogged about general going on in awhile so hear goes:

As of right now i still get to go to the Jake's Leg show....this is pending i get someone to cover my shift in the library that Saturday though so no chicken counting yet.

Me, Ally, and Vic (though she does not know it yet) will likely be making a trip down to STL for Cowboy's Halloween party, literally just for the Halloween party though, because we both have crap to do all day and have to be back in time for her show the next day. Further, this will be day 2 of us getting retarded drunk since the law school Halloween party is Friday....so this should work out...or not...oh well...last hurrah before finals.

My buddy is officially allowed to go do things, like go back to work and go out with pals. Which is fantastic because he was calling me and iming me ALL the time. I love you man, i really do, but you're case of cabin fever is driving me nuts. Now go outside...and maybe call Coop and not me.....since you know, he lives there and all...j/k

The Yonder show is next weekend i am about ten kind of ready to get my jam on. It has been too long btw shows...and by too long i mean a little over two months. My bro and about 6 of his buddies are coming up for it to so i am way excited to actually get to hang out with them, since at the last Yonder show i was basically there for the show and that was it....which blew...but this time me, Elias, and the guys are hitting the City before the show and it is going to be amazing...did i mention Jon Fishman is sitting in with Yonder...i think my head might explode.

Ok....so i think that is it....i am going to go watch Entourage now....and read legal professionalism. Entourage is good for professionalism courses...just don't do anything that Ari would and you should be fine.


i heart my new cubbie bear

Posted on 2007.09.27 at 09:41
Current Music: Jam On - Sirius Radio
As you all know this has been a rough couple of weeks and my friend Ally has been helping me through.

However, she outdid herself today. When i got home, this was waiting for me:

This bear made my whole day.


i am in love

Posted on 2007.09.23 at 17:21
Dear Diego Sandrin,

You are a genuis and make me kind of swoony. That is all.


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